Best Glucometer Kits for Home Use in India

1. Accu-Chek Active Blood Glucose Glucometer Kit

Accu-Check is one of the most trusted and reliable glucometer brands in India.

2. Accu-Chek Instant Blood Glucose Glucometer

Accu-Chek also makes the Accu-Chek Instant Blood Glucose Glucometer, an excellent product with many features (Bluetooth).

3. Dr TrustFully Automatic Blood Sugar Testing Glucometer Machine

Dr. Trustworthy is not a well-known glucometer brand. But that glucometer machine is certainly trustworthy.

4. Control D Blood Sugar Glucometer Machine

This blood sugar test machine from Control D fits in your pocket and checks your blood sugar level in just five seconds.

5. OneTouch Select Plus Simple Glucometer Machine

This blood glucose monitor from OneTouch Select Plus is one of the most advanced glucometers on the market.

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