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10 Best Biceps Exercise for beginner at home 2023

You can easily exercise at home and get good biceps. Your body uses simple pieces of kits such as kettlebells, dumbbells, and other simple bodyweight kits. As you grow more muscular, you increase your reps and become fitter.

You don’t want the aid of a gym to become fit. Fitness is available everywhere, and you can quickly achieve it.

Below we have a collection of the biceps exercise at home. We have coupled them with a simple explanation of what makes them valuable. If you are having issues putting them in a routine, you should try your best biceps exercise.

This biceps exercise with standing barbell curl at home is fundamental, and it will help very serious lifters get the best out of the barbell. Be mindful when you load up a barbell that should not be an excuse for skipping out of lifting entirely. Barbells can enable you to work out your arms evenly and simultaneously. The position of your grip can also help you to trim different parts of your bicep muscles.

Instructions: Begin the arms workout with barbell at home by grabbing your barbell with an upper-hand gripping. After that, carefully position your hands to the width of your hips. To signify the inner part of your bicep, try taking a wider grip. This strategy will allow you to target the exterior area of your muscle and bring your hands to close. You can start by holding the bar at the height of your hip, and then squeeze your bicep to the top of the entire movement. You can then slowly lower the weight back to the commencing position while controlling your weight through the sudden movements. Ensure your feet are planted like a pillar on the floor through the exercise progression. You should also refrain from using your hips as a means to lift the entire weight.

2. Concentration Curls

Concentration curls are the best biceps exercise that allows you to isolate the bicep standard that you may have noticed in almost every gym. You can easily rip through the volumes or take cues for focus and naming in the eccentric positions of the moves to achieve better results.

Instructions: This is a biceps exercise with dumbbell at home with concentration, but you will also need a bench to start things off. Firstly, comfortably sit on a bench and spread your legs in a wide V-shape. Now, calmly rest your arm while firmly holding the concentration on the same side of the leg. Below the knee, ensure the weight hangs between your legs. Now, try keeping your torso upright and stabilize your off-hand on top of your thigh. Slowly curl up the weight and focus on squeezing the bicep. Pause on the topmost point, and then try gaining the original position slowly.

3. EZ-Bar Preacher Curl

Try resting your arm on a slopping bad of a preacher bench to isolate your bicep by taking your utmost body out of the entire workout equation. These muscles will not come into play, and the focus will remain on the parts of your weakest biceps. If you do not have the equivalent workstation, you can use a 45-degree bench or a swiss ball to emulate similar results.

Instructions: You can begin this back and biceps workout at home by simply grabbing the EZ-Bar with your hands remaining six inches apart. Now, try resting the upper side of your arm on the slope side of the preacher bench and grip the bar in forward-facing of you by slightly bending your elbows. Without shifting your upper arms, curl the bar towards the shoulders while bending your elbows. Take a pause, and slowly position the weight back to the lower side till you are at your commencing position.

4. Dumbbell Preacher Curls

The dumbbell preacher curl allows you to see an opportunity to change the upper angle of the arm during the movement. This workout does not sound become impossible if you do not possess a preacher curl setup or an EZ bar. Everything you need in this best biceps exercise with dumbbells at home is an adjustable bench and a pair of dumbbells, some of the most common workout equipment.

Instructions: Commence by placing your arm on the bench and then holding dumbbells firmly on both hands. You should also keep zero space between the top court and the underarm area. You should also focus on ensuring your upper arm is throughout the bench and the whole movement. Now, sit down and squeeze your glutes and core to help to avoid any momentum during your rep of curls. Finally, press your bicep muscles to lift dumbbells upwards while keeping constant strain through every rep cycle.

5. Band Hammer Curls And Standing Resistance

If you are wondering how to make biceps at home you should definitely give resistance bands a shot occasionally to really aid bicep gains. These bands allow you to do a full-range motion workout by offering elastic resistance. This gains stress acts on the lowering part of the curls along with the lifting part. With this biceps exercise, you will really make your arms look thicker.

Instructions: First, stand on the resistance band to grip one end of the implement in each arm. Use your palms to hold the bar parallel to each side. Now, curl your arms to your shoulders in a slow fashion while maintaining your arm position firmly. Now, squeeze your bicep at the top of the movement before lowering your arms down beside you while maintaining constant band tension. Ensure your elbows follow a stable position to your sides through the exercise.

6. Standing Dumbbell Curls

If you are looking for biceps workout at home with dumbbells for beginners, you cannot form a discussion without including dumbbell curls. You should just ensure that the weight you are lifting is not making you sway back and front wildly and contorting your body. You should also arch excessively to your lower back and lift the load, or acquire a lighter pair of dumbbells that are easier on your arms.

Instructions: Grab your dumbbells firmly and hang them at the length of your arms beside you. Now, turn your arms and try ensuring your palms keep facing forward. Without putting movement on your upper arms, comfortably bend your elbows and curl your dumbbells as close to your shoulders as possible. Take a pause, and try lowering the weight slowly to the commencing position. Every time your arms return to the commencing placement, ensure they are straight.

7. Spider Curls

This biceps and chest workout at home with 2 dumbbells move utilizes intelligent positioning to allow gains in your biceps. This exercise is good enough to eliminate most of the cheat strategies your mind does to do as little work as possible. The primary motivation of this workout is to allow your body’s whole weight to lift the weights up. It is also recommended that you pick a lighter weight than you can flawlessly work with to handle the entire challenge.

Instructions: Begin by firmly holding the dumbbells and face forward while sitting on an inclined bench. Move your body only on the elbow side and squeeze your bicep to ensure the dumbbell curls all the way upwards with a clean form. Also, ensure that your shoulder remains out of the exercise equation by keeping your back engaged and alive.

8. Hammer Curls

Try taking your standard gripping curls and try taking it on the side. This sideway difference might be slight, but it can also help you transfer more gains to your brachialis, a muscle that thickens your arm muscles.

Instructions: Start this biceps exercise using dumbbells at home by grabbing dumbbell pair and hanging them at the length of your arm next to your sides with your arms facing your thighs. Do not necessarily move your upper arms, but bend your elbows and curl your dumbbells to your shoulders as close as you can. Take a pause, and slowly lower the weight until you reach the commencement position. Each time you return to the commencing placement, ultimately make your arms straight.

9. Upper Hand Grip With The Inverted Row

This inverted row workout is an upper-back exercise and uses an upper-hand gripping strategy instead of a grip instead of standard grips to ensure your biceps work harder.

Instructions: Foremost, grab a bar with a shoulder-width spaced upper hand. Your palms should face you while your arms are completely straightened. Your body should also maintain a straight line from your foot to your legs. Now, initiate the movement by pulling your shoulder back and continue the pull with your arms; lift your chest to the bar. Take a pause and slowly lower your back to the commencement position.

10. Press-Ups

This biceps workout with dumbbells at home helps the growth of muscle groups and also trains shoulder joints to be stronger. This is an easy exercise that you can engage with at home, and it will prepare you for more demanding reps in progression. It is similar to demanding activities for strengthening shoulders, such as a bench press.

Instructions: Get low and acquire a press-up position with your hands supporting your body to the shoulder-width. Your back ought to be flat, and your body should look like a straight line that forms from your head to your heels through glutes. Now, lower your body till your chest lies an inch apart from the ground. Finally, explosively drive your body up and try fully extending your arms. The above steps in collectivity form a rep, and you have to repeat them as much as you can without risking injury.


I hope, this ten biceps workout at home can help you maintain your fitness and create powerful biceps at home without any requirement of a gym visit.

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