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5 Step Journey to Complete Fitness

When it comes to health and fitness a lot of things are interconnected. Most people talk about food only, others focus on lifestyle change, some people talk about exercises whereas, and experts have a completely different opinion. According to fitness gurus, everything that you do and the response of your body to the lifestyle comes under your fitness. Starting a fitness program is not a Child’s play. You need to know how your food, daily lifestyle, and exercises will impact your body. Apart from this, you need to know in detail about your own body, its metabolism, reactions to food and which kind of exercise will be the best for you. All these details are important and they will help you design your fitness plan accordingly.

One of the hardest things in your life will be to start a fitness program and then continue it to see the progress. From chronic disease to balancing your work and personal life, everything is somehow connected to your fitness. If you want to lose weight, reduce the rate of injury, or help your body get accustomed to the new lifestyle, sleeping habits and everything will be linked with fitness. Some people even connected mental health, mental wellbeing, and self-esteem with fitness as well. For a beginner who is not familiar with the idea of starting a fitness plan, most will simply jump to the conclusion that it is all about exercises. However, it is much more than that.

With the help of this article, we will mainly highlight the importance of a fitness plan and why you need a good fitness plan in your life. We will also talk about a simple 5 steps method that will help you to start your own fitness plan without taking help from a gym trainer, fitness guru, or health professional. Although seeking help from a professional is good, if you understand how you will be handling yourself, it will give you complete control over your lifestyle.

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Step By Step Plan for Customizing Your Fitness Plan

Within this step-by-step plan, we are aiming to guide beginners who are not aware of the fitness program at all. Our goal is to let them assess and set their own goal and design some details around that.

Evaluate Your Current Level of Fitness

Before starting your fitness program you need to know where you stand. This will help you to evaluate your progress later so you will have an easy before-after comparison. This will be your baseline and then your goal will work as your benchmark. Eventually, the progress that you will show over time will help you know about the workout and diet that you need to continue. Your benchmarks will include flexibility, muscle fitness, body posture, reaching your standard BMI, and more. For setting a baseline you need to check your body and how it reacts to food as well as exercises.

Start by taking your pulse and then start working out. Now after the workout, take your pulse again and see the difference. Now while running see how much time you take just for average jogging for around 1-mile distance. Then perform a few pushups and see how your body reacts to it and see the muscle strength. Now, sit straight and spread your legs and bend down to touch the legs without bending your knee. You need to know if you are able to do it. The last thing is the BMI that you will calculate according to your height, weight, and age.

Set Goals

For designing your fitness program you need to set a benchmark so you can see if you are able to reach that. Your BMI will help you a lot in that department. In most cases people are either obese or underweight, so you need to adjust according to the requirement of your body. Now after setting the goal, adjust your routine accordingly. Here are a few things that you must address in your fitness program:

  • Set a balanced workout routine that compliments your overall goal
  • Start slow but let your body show some progress over time.
  • Consistency is the key, you need to make all the changes part of your daily life.
  • Add different exercises and then make these exercises more intense through different pieces of training
  • After workout take some time of recovery and healing
  • Keep track of your progress and work out every day.
  • Set a space and invest in equipment

Set a Space

Setting a space is very important because it will help you stay motivated. In most cases, people skip this option and never invest in any equipment. Although during the first few weeks you do not need to invest in equipment once you have a routine and you are consistent, a designated place and good equipment will help you stay motivated.

Lifestyle and Diet

Just working out will not help you achieve your goals. You need much more than that. This is the reason diet and lifestyle change will complement your goal. If you want to gain muscle, your food should be power-packed; however, if you want to lose weight only eat enough to stay energized.

Keep Track

Tracking progress is very important because it will help you to know how much more you need to work on. Most people think that they have not made any progress because they keep measuring themselves. This is the reason you should weigh yourself as well as to measure yourself. Everything is important, you just need to stay consistent.

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Bottom Line

To sum it all up, it all comes down to the way you handle yourself and understand your body. Fitness is not something that can be improved by changing just your diet or working out more. It requires you to develop healthy habits, especially coming up with a better understanding of your body. You need to know that your gender, age, metabolism rate, and body specification along with history makes you unique, and for each unique case, you need to understand how your body reacts to the change. Most people start never noticing the change in their bodies when they eat food. Some food items trigger digestion issues, others entice skin problems. To get rid of these issues, it is very important to notice all the changes. Similarly, when you work out your main focus needs to be on the way your body is changing and if this workout brings you closer to your goal.

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